A 2-hour workshop on "Manning Up" to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.


 Welcome To Fatherhood is a unique 2-hour, in-person, interactive, and in-depth workshop and conversation forum.  More than a "Birth Class for Men," it provides a lively atmosphere where we discuss tips, tricks, tools, and techniques to help you be more connected to your partner during her pregnancy, more present and supportive during the baby's birth, and more prepared for the first few months of Fatherhood.  In the workshop you will get plenty of basic new Dad info, lots of specific "do's and don'ts", and perhaps most importantly, learn how to better connect with and support your pregnant partner in meaningful ways that will grow and strengthen your relationship through this powerfully transformative time. 

The Welcome To Fatherhood course costs $59, is offered only in-person in Omaha, NE, and will help set you and your family up for success as you go through the journey of pregnancy and welcome your child into the world. 


Next class is sunday, September 16th! 


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About the course

Welcome To Fatherhood, the 2-hour interactive workshop, will help you become better connected to your partner during her pregnancy, and better prepared to be a Father when the baby arrives.

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Frequently asked Questions

Read through our FAQs to further explore some specifics of the workshop, or send us an email if your question isn't addressed therein.

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